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How to update facebook status via text download free. Share Article If you’ve set up Facebook texts, you can send a text (SMS) to (FBOOK) to get notifications without using mobile data. Keep in mind that standard messaging rates apply. You. ■Locate and tap the Messaging app icon. ■On the Messaging interface, tap the pencil icon from the top-right corner to compose a message. ■On. Do you want to learn how to update your Facebook status via SMS? You don’t even need to login to Facebook.

You can instantly post your status on your Facebook timeline using any phone that supports text messaging. Here’s how: Register For Globe/Touch Mobile, send F to For Smart/Talk N Text, send F to For Sun Cellular, send F to   You can subscribe via text by sending SUB followed by the phone number, email, or name of the person.

Whenever that person updates their status, you will get an instant text notification. Even though Facebook has removed the ability to post photos via text and email, they may add it back at a later point if enough people complain.

Now, Facebook has enabled a new feature allowing fans of Facebook Pages to receive updates from their favorite company and celebrity profiles via text. Updating facebook status via text message? I have a texting plan where I get a certain amount per month. But anyway, does it cost anything additional to update your status via text message? Like do you get charged for internet use for this?

Or does it just update through text? Answer Save. 2 Answers. Once you have activated Selective Twitter Status application in your facebook account, you can then update your facebook status via @tweetitow.

When you send text/sms or tweet to @tweetitow, simply end your text with #fb so that you facebook status also gets updated. The Pages Manager app helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place.

Learn more or install the free app. Facebook status updates are like modern-day poems: short, deeply lonely, and severely lacking in rhyme. Also, they're full of hidden meanings! But what are these mysterious truths? Once you set up Facebook texts, you can receive texts (SMS) from Facebook and update Facebook by sending a text.

Shared Phones If you share a mobile phone number with another person, you can choose to receive Facebook texts (SMS) for one or both of the accounts.

Dive into the article to learn how to text format your Facebook status updates. By Creating Facebook Notes. STEP 1. Go to your Facebook profile and click on the More option. From the more options that get expanded out, click on the Notes option. STEP 2. You can easily update your Facebook Status and can share anything with your friends online. For those who are always on the move, Now there is an option to register and activate Facebook on your mobile phone and update your Facebook status through a SMS (Short Message Service) from your mobile phone.

Using Facebook Mobile, you can share anything with your friends with a text message and. So that you can also tick on your Facebook friends instead of getting irritated by there updates ;-). Follow the following steps in order to Update your Facebook Status via anything: 1. Well, firstly login to your Facebook account in one tab.

2. Now open up a new tab in the same browser window in which you logged in your Facebook account. 3. Facebook is used by millions of users every day to update their status and to check Facebook Status of their friends. You might have seen many of your friends updating their Facebook Status via iPhone 5S, Android, Blackberry, Alien Spacecraft, Mc Donalds. Posting to Facebook by Text Message 1 Compose a new text message to (FBOOK) on your phone.

If you determined that your region uses a different Facebook Texts phone number, use that 80K. Learn about how to update your Facebook account using text messages (SMS). We're working to update and the Help Center. If you don't see instructions for the version you're using, learn how to switch versions or report a problem.

Update your Facebook status via the BULLET PROOF phone!, yes you guessed it right,Update status via NOKIA HERE. Update status via Nokia: HERE [NEW] Update status via Nasa Satelite: HERE [NEW] Update status via A potato: HERE. Also check: How to disable Chat SEEN feature in Facebook; Update status via Google Nexux 7: HERE. Status updates are perfect for sharing a nice photo or video, and your users will engage with that more than a plain text update. Photos make up roughly 75% of all Facebook content, and 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video instead of read text.

Go to Settings and click “Account Settings”. Click on to the “ Mobile ” tab. Click the “Register for Facebook Mobile Texts”.

On the “Activate Facebook Texts” box prompted, fill in the information accordingly. Update Facebook status via e-mail. Step 5: Send an e-mail to your new contact with the status update text as the subject of the e-mail and it will post to your. Automate Daily Status Updates for Facebook OVERVIEW: The status update is the ultimate reason people use Facebook. It can include personal thoughts, links to places on the web or information regarding your company.

Without daily status updates, your Facebook page has little chance to build an engaged and interested fan base. While browsing my Twitter timeline today, I found a tweet saying “Update your Facebook via iPad or Blackberry without having one” and I followed the link and liked it and it was really cool and I researched through it and found out that the Facebook status can be updated via almost any device you want to.

Here, I am sharing this cool way of updating your Facebook status! 10 Great Facebook Status Update Template Examples. Aug 1, by Brandon Gaille. How To Write a Better Status Update. It’s been said that the sole purpose of social media sites is to provide our younger generations with the ability to document everything they do throughout every day they live.

There’s some truth in that as you. It doesn't make sense as i can respond to my friend's messages via text and facebook will post my comments, however i can't update my own status via mobile I hope it is temporary, because nothing helps including resetting your number.

These Facebook editing improvements allow fan page admins and users alike to correct and fine-tune the updates and comments they post. {Post-publishing edit} In late SeptemberFacebook implemented the ability to edit the text in all types of status updates, and not only photo on the pencil icon on the top right side of your update to edit it. Text. With your cursor in the Status Update box, you can type in any text you'd like to share as a Status Update.

Posts can be short and quick, or long. It's up to you. Facebook has increased the length of text in a post to over 60, characters (63, to be exact). To put this in perspective, the average novel ischaracters in length. Does it cost to update your facebook status via text message? I have updated my status via text message on facebook a few times and was wondering does it cost if I have unlimited texts?

And if it does how much, because this is my first month of a contract and if it does cost a lot my dad won't be very happy - thank you x. For this update status user have to allow this application on facebook.

Once user allow this application whenever user clicked publish that text will update status of facebook. and also user need not to login agian and agian to facebook. Its done internally. like update facebook status from twitter. I am new in php. is there any easy solution?

Learn where you can find the latest versions of the Facebook apps. Update Facebook from Instant Messenger This is a simple solution, because it's the same as the previous section.

You can use either or. @Porkchop is correct, you will probably need the Facebook Connect API. To update a users status on Facebook, you should look at the API call. For coding a googletalk bot in php there are some articles that should get you started: Twitter PHP Jabber Bot Tutorial; Jabber Simple - A PHP library. If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’ve probably noticed that statuses are starting to look a lot more colorful.

While you’ve been able to add photos, emotions and activities for a while, now you can go even further. What once would have been a regular text update. I have been creating and sharing this Facebook update status via iPhone, Blackberry, Nokiaetc tricks for a couple of months now. And now I think it’s about time for me to reveal it to all of you so that you can create your very own and personalized Facebook trick.

On the top right hand side of your facebook profile, under your name, there is an option to: "Update your status " Simply click once on the words "Update your status" and enter your update's text. Steps To Update Your Facebook Status Only to Specific People: 1.

First of all you need to login into your Facebook account from which you want to share a status for particular people. 2. Now write the status and then you will see the Public under it and you just need is to click on it. Facebook Status Generator. Build your own fake Facebook Status and prank your friends. You can change ANYTHING, use emoticons and even upload your own profile photos for post and comments.

This generator is in no way associated with Facebook. All graphical material is protected by the copyright owner. May only be used for personal use. Also Read | Facebook News and Updates. How to create a Facebook Avatar of yourself. On the Facebook App, click on the ‘type comment’ section. Tap on face icon. Then click on ‘create a sticker of yourself’. You will see a screen of ‘loading your avatar’.

After that, choose from a variety of features that are displayed. Text in website updates with SMS powered by Twilio. Developer Paul Finn. Paul Finn is a software developer in Portsmouth, NH and founder of Route 3 hanging with a chef at local restaurant he wondered if there was a better way than a chalkboard to update patrons of. Interactive text messaging makes it easy to report a power outage, request a status update on a reported outage, or make billing inquiries from a mobile phone.

You will need your account number to register by text message, or you can register your mobile phone by logging in to your account and updating the text & email alerts page. - How To Update Facebook Status Via Text Free Download © 2013-2021